Hi, I’m Gabriela. I am a qualified registered art psychotherapist with an absolute passion and belief in the power of art therapy.  After completing my undergraduate degree (majoring in English and psychology) at Wits University, I went on to do my honours in psychology at Wits, and then my masters in art therapy at the university of Roehampton in London, England.

My masters degree was through a Jungian lens and I am very inspired by this creative way of therapy, as well as traditional Freudian psychotherapy. Viktor Frankl’s logo therapy has also had a major influence on me personally as well as in my therapy as it promotes finding meaning in all situations in life, through rather than despite challenges. My diploma in Community Art Counselling has helped me apply my art therapy skills in giving group therapy as well as what therapy looks like in a South African context.  Having said this, I aim to tailor make my therapy for each individual and their unique needs and I bring in as many worldly elements as necessary to give each individual the most holistic experience possible.

BA psychology (Hons),
University of the Witwatersrand;

MA Art Psychotherapy,
Roehmapton University (UK)

As an art therapist, I have had experience working with both children and adults from all walks of life. Namely in various schools, at various NGO’s and with children with special needs. I have also worked in a forensic psychiatric facility for adults, a chronic psychiatric facility for adults and with Holocaust survivors. Over and above clinical therapy, I remained in the academic field and lectured art therapy at a South African university.

The combination of art and psychology is unique, groundbreaking, empowering and meaningful and I feel honoured to be able to facilitate this for the individuals that I see. 

"Creativity is intelligence having fun"
- Albert Einstein

What is Art Therapy?

Art therapy is a creative form of therapy that uses art as a tool for expression and ultimately healing. It uses the same basis as talking therapy where a safe and trusting relationship is established with the therapist and a consistent space is provided, but instead of only using verbal methods to express oneself, creative methods such as painting, drawing, cutting, sticking and modeling are also used.

The benefits of Art Therapy

The creation of art in art therapy acts as a bridge from the client’s inner world to reality, allowing for different angles and ways of expression that perhaps feel safer than simply talking. Art therapy gives the individual deep and unique insight into their inner world that might not be accessed otherwise. The creation of art in and of itself is also therapeutic and can be healing.

Art therapy can be beneficial to those struggling with a range of emotional difficulties such as anxiety, depression and low self esteem. It is also very effective in working through trauma, addictions, challenging life situations and and behavioral disorders.

Sessions available
for both children
and adults​

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registration number:
AT 0001821